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“This comprehensive guide is exactly what’s needed to help people unleash the full impact of the Change Canvas. The Diversily toolkit is making such a huge difference to our ability to mobilise to make a big impact on our AI future.”

Tania Duarte, Co-founder We and AITania Duarte, Co-founder We and AI

“This is the best tool I have seen for connecting strategy to day to day activities. ”

“I have been exposed to the Change Canvas through two separate initiatives; one to launch and evolve our services and the other for a large scale migration programme. I personally find the framework extremely useful in structuring and driving specific goals of these programmes. It also allows the regular working group meetings to be carried out in a structured, productive and effective manner because the boards are straight forward and easy to understand by the audience who could refer to the actions/visions/challenges at any given point during or after the meetings. Definitely a huge supporter myself and I have further promoted the usage of the Change Canvas with several global transversals subteams which have been initiated recently – because it is such an easy framework to follow even for non-seasoned Project Managers who need to drive an initiative from scratch.”

Ella Wu, Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Data Analytics & Training Services, APAC Professional Services, SWIFTElla Wu, Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Data Analytics & Training Services, APAC Professional Services, SWIFT

“The Change Canvas has given us focus and greater transparency - before we were using it was hard to keep up with our shifting priorities and who was doing what. ”

“The Change Canvas has transformed how we work as a team - we are more agile, aligned and productive.”

“In the past we, as a group, used to have tons of great ideas but no structure or a clear way to tackle these ideas. The change canvas has supported us tremendously in focusing our thinking and prioritising our ideas to ensure that change actually happens!”

Nils Welham, Senior Financial Crime Business Consultant, SWIFTNils Welham, Senior Financial Crime Business Consultant, SWIFT

“It is a great tool. I have now started using it for a number of different purposes, as it really helps to draw out the key information needed to make progress.”

“The best thing about The Change Canvas is that it gives us a framework to assess new ideas, requests and external changes against our agreed strategy to validate, prioritise or change systematically. ”

“Diversily have considered the practical elements of a change programme delivery with their new guide. It allows users to follow a methodical process, with usage tips and considerations along the way to allow 'self-facilitation'. For maximum benefit I'd enroll their services to help you along your way, but for a deep dive, entry into how to manage a change project and what to consider, this is a great guide.”

Katherine Allan, Change Consultant, Founder KSK ConsultancyKatherine Allan, Change Consultant, Founder KSK Consultancy

The Change Canvas is transforming the way business leaders drive effective, impactful and strategic change

We have captured 2 years of testing and refining this new and powerful method into a detailed guide. Until the end of August only, we are offering free access in return for feedback and case studies.

In today’s world, change is no longer an optional consideration. It is a fundamental part of business. Being able to adapt to changing circumstances and readily shift strategy, align execution and optimise impact is key for success. 

The Change Canvas is a simple, visual framework that is being used around the world to drive positive change. It provides a methodology for leading teams who are executing upon strategic ambitions and driving change. Diversily has created a detailed handbook for leaders looking to take full advantage of this effective, tried and tested tool. 

From September the detailed handbook  will no longer be free. By transforming the way you work to adopt The Change Canvas, you can drive productivity, financial returns and market success. 

Take advantage of this time limited offer to gain insights, challenge your thinking and learn how you can drive effective, strategic change

You must be willing to:

  • Review the guide in detail and provide feedback.

  • Share a quote, with your name and organisation that will inspire others to use The Change Canvas and Handbook.

  • Put the Change Canvas into practice in your organisation or an organisation that you work with.

  • Share your experiences, stories and case studies with our wider community and your network.

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From September you will no longer are able to access this content for free.

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Case Studies

Drive positive and impactful change more successfully with The Change Canvas.

  • Strategic Management

    The Change Canvas is used to provide the single source of truth, to define vision, connecting strategy to everyday activities by progressing top priority initiatives and driving continuous improvement & growth.

  • Agile Transformation

    The Change Canvas is used to get teams working iteratively, uniting around a shared vision, sharing challenges, constantly delivering and celebrating results along the way.

  • Change Delivery

    The Change Canvas is used to deliver simple and complex projects and change programmes, uniting wide ranging stakeholders around a single view that drives progress.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    The Change Canvas is used to drive an organisation-wide programme of ongoing initiatives to increase diversity, inclusion & belonging.

  • Cross Team Collaboration

    The Change Canvas is used to facilitate the collaboration between Product, Marketing, Services, Sales and Support teams, to define their shared strategy and to work together, to drive product adoption and improve customer experience.

  • Team Alignment

    The Change Canvas is used to unite and align teams around their shared vision, their greatest priorities, and how collectively they will make it happen.

We have decades of experience leading wide ranging change and helping teams work better together.

Get started by reading the guide. If you need further support, we are here to help you adopt The Change Canvas in a way that is just right for you.

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