Run the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to help make your organisation a great place to work.

Organisations that don't start integrating diversity & inclusion into their core will soon get left behind. Get staff talking, generating ideas and taking action to drive positive change. Embed diversity and inclusion into your culture and reap the associated rewards.

  • Encourage ownership and participation across your organisation and educate through active engagement, not lecturing, that generates ideas for driving positive change

  • Build stronger teams, strengthen relationships and build an inclusive culture

  • Change mindsets to build diversity and inclusion into the way people think, not just because it is the ‘right’ thing to do but because it is critical for business success

  • Get a global view on how people across your organisation feel and what challenges are faced

Get Everyone Involved

The Inclusion Ideathon is an action orientated, inspiring, team building event to encourage courageous conversations and co-creation of solutions to increase workplace diversity & inclusion.

Drive inclusive cultural change by opening up important conversations about diversity and inclusion and empower all participants to make a difference by co-creating proposals for positive change. 

Use our 'off the shelf' event structure and supporting materials to run The Inclusion Ideathon within your organisation when it suits you. Just buy the license to facilitate yourself, or our high impact, experienced facilitators can run the event for you.  


Success Story

ADLIB Ran The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to Strengthen Their Inclusive Culture & Help Their Clients Do the Same.

The Inclusion Ideathon helps you find authentic solutions that are just right for your organisation

Previous participants have loved the conversations it encourages as well as the positive concrete action it drives.

“Are you looking for a framework to kick start a reflection around Diversity & inclusion and where your employees are in the discussion driving seat? Then don't look any further... ”

Denis Vermeulen - Senior HR partner - SWIFT

“The Diversly Hackathon was nothing short of a great success. The format created an environment that encouraged confidence and participation throughout the business and resulted in authentic and valuable proposals that developed our internal awareness of inclusion, whilst enabling a platform to educate our clients through the experience. Each proposal brought value and opportunity and having implemented them into the entire business now feels confident in discussing inclusion, internally and with clients, all of which has led to positive change throughout the recruitment process.”

Nick Dean, Managing Director, ADLIB

“I recommend the Inclusion Ideathon to any business who really cares about it's people and it's impact within the industry. It was fun, informative, interactive, and really puts people at the core.”

Esther Rayson, Operations & HR Coordinator, ADLIB

“Wowza! In terms of mega-high turnout and open engagement, the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon was truly inspiring. Creative juices flowed as we shared our views, asked questions and spoke up on areas we are ready to collectively action to co-create solutions that will increase our Diversity & Inclusion environment. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to other organisations that are ready to take positive action.”

Teresa Nolan, Head of UKI Business Development, SWIFT

“I strongly recommend the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon, which we hosted in a number of SWIFT offices around the world as part of our International Women's Day events. They are just the right mixture of learning and change generation. They also worked brilliantly to bring our teams together on a more personal level.”

Erin Thornton, Global Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador & Senior Compliance Data Analyst, SWIFT

“I found the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon to be one of the most valuable and enriching things I’ve done in terms of personal development. It provided a safe and open framework to discuss what can be a challenging topic and prompted valuable discussions with colleagues. As well as initiating concrete actions it also raised awareness of and challenged the subconscious bias we all have which is easy to ignore in the usual day to day.”

Stephan Koehler, Marketing Manager, SWIFT

“Our Inclusion Ideathon has been fantastic. It has created valuable space to increase business awareness of the topic, its challenges and its opportunities. At the same time it has also enabled the teams to take ownership of the topic, freely creating new ideas to bring to the table a variety of solutions. The proposals are shared with senior leadership, which not only demonstrates that this is a key agenda item taken seriously by SWIFT, but that the ideas generated have the capacity to really drive change.”

Teresa Meek, Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist EMEA, SWIFT

“Difference is challenging, but creating an inclusive environment is more than ‘political correctness’, it is at the heart of sound ethics, business practices, and creating engaging environments. During the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon, we worked through The Change Canvas, and by opening our minds and being honest, we were able to distil some personal commitments and longer term projects to help us continue on our path to celebrate an emerging inclusive environment.”

Paul Taylor, Global Head of Marketing Communications and Sibos, SWIFT

“From someone who has avoided facilitating or presenting anything her whole life, I found the Diversily Inclusion Ideathon facilitator guide to be a God send! It was very well thought through and thorough regarding how to run the sessions. We had excellent phone support during the preparation weeks, guiding us through what to expect and how to set things up. We had a great group of attendees who responded really well to the subject matter despite its, at times, sensitive nature. I feel that this is a topic well worth bringing awareness to and the Diversily Inclusion Ideathonn is a great way to do it.””

Sue Labram, Security Management Specialist, SWIFT

“10 out of 10. Interesting, insightful and extremely important. The Inclusion Ideathon will have a big impact in inspiring positive change. ”

Alice, Senior Recruiter at ADLIB

Everything you need to put on a successful event.

The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon is an action orientated, internal, team building event that puts all staff in the driving seat to come up with ideas to make your organisation more diverse and inclusive. Sign up for the free preview to read our FAQ to learn more.

  • All required supporting materials including workshop slides, facilitator guide, print outs, posters, participant pack and communication plan provided

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions to help you ensure your event is a huge success. Plus optional additional support to facilitate for you or help with event planning, co-ordination or follow up.

  • Links to useful resources including over 400 suggestions of things that drive diverse and inclusive workplaces - giving your participants lots of inspiration to identify what the priorities are for your organisation

Inclusion Ideathon Contents

Explore our FAQ in the free preview to learn more, then sign up to download everything you need.

Empower people to make a difference.

Warning! The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon is only for organisations that are willing to follow up and take action.


  • What problem does the Inclusion Ideathon help you solve?

    The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon opens up important conversations and drives action to address the lack of workplace diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are critical drivers for innovation, wellbeing, customer success, employee experience and business performance. Organisations that don’t start integrating diversity and inclusion into their core will soon get left behind. Staff, suppliers, customers and partners are all demanding more, and now is the time to act.

  • Who should sign up?

    Organisations who are ready to take a proactive and positive step to increase diversity and inclusion within their company and in the wider eco system and sector. Typically people with an HR or DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) role or a business unit leader or senior executive would sign their company up to run the event. Organisations should only sign up if they are ready to encourage their teams to have bold, honest and open conversations to explore current challenges and co-create solutions for positive change. This is not a ’tick box’ exercise but a means to empower your people to build their understanding, strengthen their relationships and make a difference.

  • How will this help companies on their D&I journey?

    The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon turns talk into action and works on two levels. It creates a safe space to embrace uncomfortable, but important conversations about difference. This strengthens teams and contributes to creating a more inclusive culture. It also encourages ownership and active participation from across your origination which drives active engagement and generation of ideas for driving positive changes, that are right for your organisation. Diversity and inclusion isn’t a job for someone in HR. The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon helps to get everyone involved to play their part. It helps to identify pain points and solutions, unique to your organisation, and then builds momentum by supporting the best ideas to be implemented. The event encourages change proposal across these four areas; Culture & Leadership, Ecosystem & Offerings, Employee Experience and Recruitment.

  • What can people expect if they take part?

    The Diversily Inclusion Ideathon consists of two 2 hour interactive, highly rated workshops. These can be run virtually or face to face. To make the event as accessible as possible, organisations that take part will be provided with everything they need to facilitate this ‘off the shelf’ impactful event. This includes a facilitator guide, workshop plan, slide, participant handout, hundreds of ideas for change as well as two 1:1 coaching sessions. Our experienced facilitators at Diversily can also facilitate the event for you. When an organisation signs up they can choose exactly when to run the event to suit their schedule. The flexible, format works for 10-200 people to attend, by adjusting the timing and groupings. Multiple events can be run for larger organisations and Diversily will be by your side to help you find the best approach. Staff that sign up can expect an engaging, thought provoking, inspiring experience that helps them better understand the experiences of others and invites them to contribute to making their organisation a better place to work by increasing diversity and inclusion.