What are other people saying?

“I used The Change Canvas when I had some difficult decisions to make in my life. I was finding it hard to see the wood for the trees and feeling a lot of stress. The Change Canvas really helped me shape my thoughts and find the positives. It gave me strength and conviction in my own ideas and abilities and helped me move forward when I was feeling stuck. It was really simple to use and I'd recommend others give it a go. ”

Clare van Someren, Senior Landscape Architect, Churchman Landscape Architects Ltd

“Using The Change Canvas has allowed me to not only track and record my progress but to reflect on how far I have come month to month. The ‘Reflection Board’ made me realise what is important to me personally. The ‘Vision Board’ highlighted the concept that you must envision yourself having success before you have it. The ‘Actions’ section allowed me to maintain a daily work ethic of knowing exactly what I needed to do to achieve my goals. The idea of being 1% better each day. Finally, recording my achievements in the ‘Results’ section has boosted my self-confidence and inspires me to keep on achieving more. I’d love to see more people adopt and benefit from this great tool which improves the effectiveness of mentoring conversations. ”

Jordan Harry, Founder and CEO at StudyFast

Benefits of using The Change Canvas

Use The Change Canvas to become the best version of yourself. Reflect on your aspirations and challenges and use The Change Canvas to gain clarity and drive positive and transformational change in your life. Use it for self reflection or to add structure and focus to your mentoring conversations.

  • Helps you set goals, create accountability and drive continuous improvement

  • Provides a focal point helping you to gain clarity, direction and confidence

  • Provides guidance and structure to ensure all angles are covered, with flexibility to make it your own

  • Helps you to combine self-reflection with the development of new ideas to inspire your future, acting as a mirror to help guide you forward

Course Contents

This free course is for individuals or mentors who want to learn how to use The Change Canvas to boost personal development or mentoring relationships.

  • 1


    • Course Overview

    • Who is The Change Canvas for?

    • Your situation

    • Benefits of using The Change Canvas for personal change or mentoring

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • How to use The Change Canvas for personal change or mentoring

    • Creating the right environment

    • If you want to be successful you need to commit to putting the work in

  • 3

    Navigating The Change Canvas Boards

    • Tips for using The Change Canvas

    • Understand the 'whole person' and set the context for change in the Reflection Board

    • Define what success looks like in The Vision Board

    • Find inspiration in The Ideas Board

    • Make it happen in The Action Board

    • Celebrate Success in The Results Board

    • Thank you

    • Help spread the word

    • Please complete this short survey so we can continue to develop this course

  • 4

    Download The Change Canvas Templates

    • Download The Change Canvas PDF template and start using it for free, straight away

    • Download The Change Canvas jpg image and paste it into your favourite application

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