About Diversily

Diversily's mission is to inspire positive change that will help individuals and organisations be the best they can be.

We created The Change Canvas to unite and support people to drive change. The Change Canvas is now being used for all kinds of change missions, across industries. Whilst diversity and inclusion is core to our mission we are passionate about all aspects of change such as culture, business transformation and mentoring. The name Diversily represents a more conscious, enlightened way of working, thinking and acting that has diversity and inclusion built in. It's like being eco-friendly. 50 years ago no one really gave environmental concerns a thought, and now they are a consideration in everything we do. Diversily's mission is to change mindsets. Diversity is only the first step. Once organisations have a more diverse and representative workforce, the real secret to success is inclusion; ensuring that everyone feels valued and is supported to contribute to the best of their abilities. For every person we inspire to think inclusively we all take a step forward on our collective mission for change. Diversily was founded by Marissa Ellis, a senior leader in the tech sector who works as an independent digital strategy, growth and delivery consultant.

"Was I just being naive and ignorant or did my industry let me down?"

Read a personal story from Marissa Ellis on her inspiration to found Diversily and join the collaborative movement to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech sector.

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The Change Canvas

The Change Canvas is a powerful, flexible, yet simple, visual tool that unites people to drive change. It combines reflection, vision and action, into an iterative and results focused framework. Events, workshops, team building and planning will never be the same again!

We developed it to provide a practical, collaborative and easy to use solution to help to create more diverse and inclusive workforces. The framework is now being used to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives across the world but also for all kinds of other change such as mentoring and business development.

The Change Canvas is free and will always be free.