Habits Are Infectious

Surround yourself with ambitious people who want to succeed and you will all achieve more together.

Diversily Change Makers Masterminds are for business leaders who believe there is a better way for businesses to operate. We are rebelling against ‘command and control’ leaders who only focus on profit and see people simply as resources to get the work done. Our approach is human centered and purpose-led with diversity and inclusion at the core. 

Join a like-minded group of peers united by our shared values and your ambition to drive positive change. You will be leading the charge on your separate missions and come together to learn, to share, to support and to accelerate your collective success. Creating a meeting of minds and a place where you can speak the truth and expect it in return.

The Change Makers Mastermind is a powerful way to help you gain clarity on your vision, connect strategy to execution and drive your business, team and career forward to make the change you want to see reality. 

Support Your Tribe

We partner with organisations and networks who want to better serve their people by offering unique and impactful masterminds to groups of up to twelve people in a similar situation.

  • Rising Stars

    Perfect to make a genuine impact and catapult the success of underrepresented talent in your organisation by mentoring future leaders and enabling them to grow, learn and develop together.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Perfect for founders and entrepreneurs to share their experiences and find clarity, support and insights to build their business in the right way from the start.

  • People Managers

    Perfect for team leaders and people managers trying to build high-performing, inclusive cultures of belonging to share, learn, and grow together.

  • Innovators

    Perfect for innovators and product managers who want to create high-value, inclusive solutions that solve painful problems and serve diverse audiences.

Partner With Us To Support Your People

Our focus is on embedding 'inclusive thinking' into business as usual and upskilling and empowering women and underrepresented voices to boost business success.

Why Join A Change Makers Mastermind?

There are so many compelling reasons to join one of our Masterminds. You will gain the mindset, strategies and network to accelerate your success.

  • Form deeper connections with a peer network to learn and grow together, share ideas, business contacts and more.

  • Guidance, structure, and accountability to accelerate your success – challenging each other to reach higher, achieve more and never give up.

  • Build deeper self awareness and confidence as you celebrate your successes and understand your failures – and always encourage you to get back up again.

  • More powerful and greater value than 1:1 coaching due to the network effect leaving you with strategies, tools and contacts you can leverage long after the Mastermind finishes.

  • A unique opportunity to refine your personal and business narratives and gain valuable feedback to drive your future success.

  • We will help you see ideas, solutions, opportunities and potential that you will not find by yourself.

Diversily Values

Our values are not just words on our website but fundamental to how we operate and shared by our mastermind participants.

  • Inclusion

    Leverage our differences to be stronger together.

  • Integrity

    Always do the right thing - even when things get tough.

  • Courage

    Be brave enough to confront challenges and strive for constant improvement.

Your Mastermind Facilitator

“The best mastermind groups have a facilitator, a leader that keeps discussions on track, asks the right questions to take your knowledge even deeper and helps members achieve their goals.” - Tony Robbins

Marissa Ellis

Diversily Founder & CEO

Marissa Ellis is a best selling author, strategist and speaker. She is a well-respected independent strategy and digital innovation consultant and the Founder and CEO of Diversily. She has 20 years of experience across industries including blue-chip giants like Reuters and Barclays and entrepreneurial start-ups like lastminute.com. She has extensive leadership experience including successfully leading teams to develop and launch multi-million pound products and leading complex, multi-million pound digital transformation programmes. Marissa is a thought leader in the field of organisational change and a passionate advocate for building inclusive cultures. She is the creator of a number of business frameworks that are gaining widespread adoption and driving positive change around the world.

What are others saying?

“Marissa is relentlessly enthusiastic and driven no matter how impossible or hectic a situation. She is a superior communicator, meticulous organiser and has great project juggling skills. An excellent mentor and consultant, she will be an asset to any team!”

Zamira Drew, Creative Partner at Anatomy

“Working with Marissa has been invaluable for Senta. Her insights into business modelling & product development have been incredibly useful. She has brought a lot of focus to our thinking, always putting the customer right in the middle of everything we do. She's quick to challenge assumptions but has an easy-going style that makes her a pleasure to work with. We're sure to work with Marissa again and I recommend her without hesitation.”

James Kilford, CEO & Founer, Senta

“The Change Canvas has transformed the way we work. We have been using it for a couple of years & wouldn’t go back to life without it! It enables us to focus our team on the most valuable initiatives, galvanises our effort around common goals, and maintain alignment whilst adapting to changing business priorities. It provides an accessible space in which to track progress, maintain actions, highlight achievements, and capture new ideas.”

Richard Hillman, Head of FCC Professional Services SWIFT

“I urge any leaders who want to understand the culture of their organisation, to better drive change to take a look at The Change Canvas. It lets your organisation reflect, celebrate the good and build a plan for the future. It is a much needed, very useful, hugely flexible tool for everyone!”

Kevin Johnson, Expert Lead, Innovation at ING

“The Change Canvas is a great tool for getting teams to focus on their vision, and the actions and steps they need to take to get there.”

Laura Stebbing, CEO accelerateHER

“Marissa perfectly held a group session, which helped a lot of us getting out of our comfort zone and getting over our lack of confidence. Great skilled speaker, it was a pleasure attending the session!”

Philomene Crete, Founder of Trouble Makers

“We've found The Change Canvas to be a brilliant tool for people to break down their thinking and quickly come to a point of how they can drive change. It's a great way to engage people in an open discussion which feels positive and transformati”

Ben Shorrock, Managing Director, TechSPARK

“Marissa did an exemplar job as our mentor and advisor. Her experience in Product Management enabled us to really drill down into the core of our product and identify the key steps we needed to take as a company to really push our product forward. Marissa also has a great management style and delivered her advice in an easy to understand manner which was appropriate for broad range of backgrounds and experience.”

Jubair Jalil, Founder @Stealth Startup

“Marissa worked with me on a one-to-one Product Management mentorship. She helped me to focus on the key tasks in my role as a product team leader and how to deliver a company product strategy. She's great at pin pointing a potential issue and working with you to discover the best solution.”

Nick Forsberg, Product and Growth Lead, The Candide Marketplace

“Change begins with the act of sight. What do we see and what do we want to see? Making change visible through The Change Canvas means that everyone can see together.”

Caroline Williams, Founder, The Do Good Only Company (Ex Microsoft Program Manager)

Our Approach

The perfect blend of expert tailored advice, a supportive network and a playbook to guide you to success. Benefit from:

  • Regular uplifting, interactive check in workshops, with implementation support and practical tips and guidance to get tangible results.

  • A sense of community, focus on trust and collaboration, a safe space to share that inspires a deeper level of peer support.

  • Online shared space to network, interact and share between sessions.

  • Optional extra support such as tailored group training, themed workshops or personalised coaching and support on your unique situation.

The Change Canvas

In the Mastermind we'll use The Change Canvas to guide you each step of the way.

  • We'll start by reflecting on your purpose, values and the challenges you face.

  • We'll help you gain clarity, focus and direction on your vision for the future and what you need to do to make it happen.

  • You'll gain guidance, insights and accountability to do what it takes to deliver immediate wins and long term success.

The Change Canvas

The Change Canvas is our highly rated simple but powerful methodology for driving strategic and impactful change.

Mastermind participants may choose to implement The Change Canvas as their strategic planning tool. The Change Canvas Handbook can be purchased separately and is your blueprint for success. It contains over 60 pages of step by step guidance that will accelerate results and it comes with a 1:1 coaching session.
The Change Canvas

Are We a Good Fit?

It is important to find the right mastermind for you. We will be invested in your success and you will gain a tribe of peers who will become your cheerleaders. Our masterminds are for you if:

  • You share our values and beliefs and you want to make a positive difference in the world.

  • You are prepared to be honest, open and brave to challenge yourself to really take yourself and your business success to the next level.

  • You have the time, focus, and energy to fully engage in the mastermind and put in the work required to succeed.

"To reach the top of the mountain, you need to surround yourself not only with those who have been there, but also those who want to go there." Tony Robbins

Joining one of our masterminds will accelerate your success with expert guidance and a peer network that has your back