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“I love The Change Canvas! It is an invaluable resource that helps collaboration and sharing of information. Using it at our event enabled us to capture the key points, gave focus to the summary at the end and allowed us to the share the content after the event in a visually engaging way. ”

Sharon Woma, Inclusion Coordinator, NHS - Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG

“We've found The Change Canvas to be a brilliant tool for people to break down their thinking and quickly come to a point of how they can drive change. It's a great way to engage people in an open discussion which feels positive and transformative.”

Ben Shorrock, Managing Director, TechSPARK

“The 'Using The Change Canvas @ Events' guide was a really great resource for the workshop we held to help us define the vision for women in VR. It really helped us to understand the variety of ways in which the Change Canvas could be brought into the workshop. It clarified how to use the boards really well and provided great examples and top tips to inspire the workshop content. I think it's essential for people wanting to use The Change Canvas in a self service fashion to read this document beforehand to ensure they use it to it's greatest potential.”

Emma Hughes, Creative Producer, Limina Immersive

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