“I urge any leaders who want to understand the culture of their organisation, to better drive change to take a look at The Change Canvas. It lets your organisation reflect, celebrate the good and build a plan for the future. It is a much needed, very useful, hugely flexible tool for everyone!”

Kevin Johnson, Expert Lead, Innovation at INGKevin Johnson, Expert Lead, Innovation at ING

“The Change Canvas is a great tool for getting teams to focus on their vision, and the actions and steps they need to take to get there.”

Laura Stebbing, CEO accelerateHERLaura Stebbing, CEO accelerateHER

“We used The Change Canvas to bring together leading voices from the Virtual Reality industry to create our vision for Women in VR. I’d recommend other organisations committed to increasing diversity, inclusion and equality use it to open up conversations, set goals and unite people to take action”

Catherine Allen, Founder & CEO, Limina ImmersiveCatherine Allen, Founder & CEO, Limina Immersive

“The Change Canvas was an absolutely invaluable tool in opening conversations about diversity in the workplace.”

Tessa Ratuszynska, Content Scout, Limina ImmersiveTessa Ratuszynska, Content Scout, Limina Immersive

“The Change Canvas really helped our departmental Diversity and Inclusion group get off the ground. It enabled us to take disparate ideas, visions and goals and translate them into tangible steps that we could take to improve D&I in our department. We still have a long way to go but the Change Canvas is helping us to stay on track to achieve our goals.”

Rachel Blainey, Content and Partnerships Manager, Oxford University PressRachel Blainey, Content and Partnerships Manager, Oxford University Press

What is The Change Canvas?

The Change Canvas is a simple but powerful framework for mapping out a desired change initiative. It helps you reflect on where you are today, define your vision for the future and take steps to make it happen; celebrating results along the way. It inspires an iterative, action oriented approach that bonds people and gets results.

Why does it matter?

Whether it is personal change, organisational change or development of new products and services, change can be difficult. You can increase your chances of success using the Change Canvas to provide focus, direction and alignment to create a shared, successful change journey for everyone involved. 

Who is The Change Canvas for?

The Change Canvas can be used by anyone who wants a simple tool to help manage change. For example:

  • A workshop facilitator who wants a simple but effective format to use to structure an interactive session on a topic of change.

  • A diversity and inclusion or HR practitioner who wants a simple guide to support their change initiatives.

  • A Project Manager who wants a lightweight but powerful tool to keep people aligned and working together to achieve their shared goals.

  • An event organiser who wants to engage their audience by collecting feedback and encouraging collaboration and interaction at their event.

  • A mentor or mentee who wants to ensure they are getting the most out of their mentoring conversations.

  • An individual who wants to develop their career using a framework to help them structure their thoughts and actions so they have a clear way forward.

The Change Canvas @ SIBOS

The Change Canvas joined eight thousand people at Sibos, the premier financial services event of the year, to create an engaging summary of an insightful panel discussion on the future of work. Take this short course to see some other great examples of how it is being used and download the free Change Canvas template.
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The Change Canvas @ SIBOS


What is included?

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    Introducing The Change Canvas
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    • Course Overview
    • Welcome
    • Who is The Change Canvas for?
    • Introduction
    • Benefits
    • Uses & Settings
    • Workshops & Events
    • Example Events
    • Example Templates
    • The Change Canvas Boards
    • Guiding Principles
    • Usage Considerations
    • Summary
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    The Change Canvas Templates
    • Download The Change Canvas PDF template and start using it for free, straight away
    • Download The Change Canvas jpg image
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