COVID-19 Update

Using self isolation for self improvement

Diversily recently created a unique face to face 1-day Inclusive Leadership workshop. The pilot feedback was brilliant and we were just getting ready to roll this out when COVID-19 hit, putting all face to face workshops on hold. 

Adversity often brings opportunity. So we are now looking into creating an online course to take the magic of the face to face workshop and make it available to you wherever you are. 

Please pre-register to express your interest in the workshop or online course and secure a future discount. 

You'll also be able to download our special Inclusive Leadership Change Canvas that you can use to help you reflect on your personal leadership journey straight away. It will help you think about who you are, what you want to achieve and how you'll make it happen. 

Gain the skills, insights and confidence required for authentic and inclusive leadership with our unique approach.

Instead of traditional ‘bias training’ we take a different approach.

Inclusive leadership is what will lead us all to a better future. We are developing inclusive leaders by teaching them how to 'think inclusively'. We can help you to become a better leader through self-reflection, knowing how to bring the best out in others and how to use this to drive team success and business performance.
Gain the skills, insights and confidence required for authentic and inclusive leadership with our unique approach.

We can help you if:

  • You have influence within your organisation and you want to learn how leading more inclusively and authentically can help you build high performing diverse teams and get better results.

  • You recognise the value of taking time away from 'the day job' to reflect upon and develop your own leadership skills. You are prepared to challenge your preconceptions and willing to do the work to put your learnings into practice.

  • You want to help your organisation embed diversity and inclusion into everyday practice, helping to drive organisational performance and make a positive contribution to society.

What are people saying about the Diversily Inclusive Leadership Workshop?

Our unique approach has received amazing feedback that makes us proud of what we do.

“I had high expectations, but this workshop exceeded them.”

“A very thought-provoking session - I saw the penny drop for a number of my colleagues.”

“Urging an organization to be inclusive is not an attack. It's progress. This workshop was a great way to open up conversations and drive concrete action. ”

“Eye opening !!”

“I'm open-minded and would consider myself as an 'ally' to others, yet I still learnt so much about how I can become a more inclusive leader.”

Our Unique Approach

Unlike traditional 'bias training’ we take a different approach. By helping leaders develop themselves and bring out the best in others, we help them drive team success and boost business performance. We cover topics such as:

  • Why inclusive leadership is becoming such a critical skill in the ever changing industry landscape.

  • Developing your skills as an inclusive thinker and becoming an advocate for change, a role model and an ally.

  • Using The Change Canvas to map out your own personal leadership journey and crafting your authentic leadership narratives.

  • Authenticity – Vulnerability – Self Confidence – Privilege – Identity – Limiting Beliefs - Group Dynamics - Collective Intelligence

  • Traits & behaviours of inclusive leaders and how to leverage diversity and create an inclusive culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.

The choice is yours

The Diversily Inclusive Leadership Workshop can be offered as a 1 day facilitated session for leaders and people managers but it is also available as a self service model where we provide the workshop slides and facilitator guide but you run it yourself. This is great for keeping costs down and being able to roll out delivery internally. It is also available to workshop facilitators or D&I experts who are looking for a new offering to take to their clients.

Let me help you think differently.

Use my experience to help you become a better leader.

  • Marissa Ellis

    Marissa Ellis

    Diversily Founder & CEO

    Marissa Ellis is a well-respected independent strategy and digital innovation consultant and the Founder and CEO of Diversily. She has 20 years of experience across industries including blue chip giants like Reuters and Barclays and entrepreneurial start-ups like She has extensive leadership experience including successfully leading teams to develop and launch multi-million pound products and leading complex, multi million pound digital transformation programmes. Marissa is a thought leader in the field of organisational change and a passionate advocate for building inclusive cultures. She is the creator of a number of business frameworks that are gaining widespread adoption and driving positive change around the world.