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  • Marissa Ellis, Diversily Founder and CEO shares her thoughts on how to drive change on the Inclusion Works podcast.

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What are other people saying?

“I urge any leaders who want to understand the culture of their organisation, to better drive change to take a look at The Change Canvas. It lets your organisation reflect, celebrate the good and build a plan for the future. It is a much needed, very useful, hugely flexible tool for everyone!”

Kevin Johnson, Expert Lead, Innovation at INGKevin Johnson, Expert Lead, Innovation at ING

“We've found The Change Canvas to be a brilliant tool for people to break down their thinking and quickly come to a point of how they can drive change. It's a great way to engage people in an open discussion that feels positive and transformative.”

Ben Shorrock, Managing Director, TechSPARKBen Shorrock, Managing Director, TechSPARK

“The Change Canvas is a great tool for getting teams to focus on their vision, and the actions and steps they need to take to get there.”

Laura Stebbing, CEO accelerateHERLaura Stebbing, CEO accelerateHER

“The Change Canvas is the best tool I've seen for helping you figure out your vision for diversity and inclusion in your business.”

Gareth Williams, CEO at Yellow DogGareth Williams, CEO at Yellow Dog

“The Change Canvas really helped our departmental Diversity and Inclusion group get off the ground. It enabled us to take disparate ideas, visions and goals and translate them into tangible steps that we could take to improve D&I in our department. We still have a long way to go but the Change Canvas is helping us to stay on track to achieve our goals.”

Rachel Blainey, Content and Partnerships Manager, Oxford University PressRachel Blainey, Content and Partnerships Manager, Oxford University Press

“The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator has included The Change Canvas into our UK programme as we believe building equality, diversity and inclusion (E,D & I) into your overarching business strategy is fundamental. The Change Canvas allows companies to take time to build out this thinking from the very beginning of a company's inception, and formalises regular reviews to ensure ongoing continuous improvement. E, D & I should be at the core of your business policy and function and influence how your team functions on a daily basis, not an afterthought or a policy that sits on file.”

Marina Traversari, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Programme Manager, UKMarina Traversari, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Programme Manager, UK

“For us it was a no brainer to adopt The Diversity Canvas to help our clients build diversity and inclusion into their businesses, as it is such a simple yet powerful framework. Tech companies are finding it harder to recruit and retain the talent they need. Tapping into a wider and diverse talent pool makes sense from an ethical and business point of view. The Change Canvas enables our team to open up conversation, identify barriers, tap into a community and plan how to improve diversity.”

Sarah Williams, Founder & CEO at MangoHRSarah Williams, Founder & CEO at MangoHR

“We used The Change Canvas to bring together leading voices from the Virtual Reality industry to create our vision for Women in VR. I’d recommend other organisations committed to increasing diversity, inclusion and equality use it to open up conversations, set goals and unite people to take action.”

Catherine Allen, Founder & CEO, Limina ImmersiveCatherine Allen, Founder & CEO, Limina Immersive

“The Change Canvas was an absolutely invaluable tool in opening conversations about diversity in the workplace.”

Tessa Ratuszynska, Content Scout, Limina ImmersiveTessa Ratuszynska, Content Scout, Limina Immersive

Change Missions

Using The Change Canvas inspires businesses and individuals to be the best they can be through continuous improvement.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Unite people to take collective action to improve workplace diversity and inclusion to increase business performance, boost innovation and create happier, more productive teams.

  • Mentoring & Personal Development

    Provide focus and direction to mentoring relationships, development programmes or self reflection.

  • Strategy & Business Planning

    Embrace business change and navigate it successfully by focusing on what matters, sparking ideas & powering forward as a united team.

  • Events

    Create a focal point to engage audiences, encourage collaboration & feedback and tell a story about change.

The Change Canvas is a powerful, flexible, yet simple, visual tool.

It combines reflection, vision and action, into an iterative and results focused framework.

  • Drive action orientated, results focused, continuous improvement

  • Encourage collaboration, create alignment and open up conversations

  • Unite people on a shared mission with focus and direction

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